3 Worthwhile Smartphone Apps To Help People Get Out Of Debt

get out of debt apps

When it comes to debt, people can feel enslaved by it. After all, it can keep them from buying a car or home, or get what they need for a business or send their child off to college.

However, there are an array of smartphone apps that will help people to decrease their debt load. Of course, the apps you use should not only help you pay off a high bill but give you strategies to help you decrease your overall debt. What are the three best smartphone “get out of debt” apps to consider installing and using?


This app will help you save you money as it teaches you how to spend smarter. You can also input all your account information into the app including credit cards, bank accounts and investments. You have immediate access to the accounts, so you never miss another payment for your bills. Best of all, the Mint app is free to use.

Pay Off Debt

There are an array of features that will help you get out of debt. Jackie Beck is a finance writer who is now debt-free and is sharing her tips with others. With the app, the information you add is password protected. It’ll also you to prioritize the debt and even gives you a “planned” debt-free date. You also have the option to set up payment reminders so that you don’t miss something. The app cost $4.99.

Debt Free

If you want to pay your debt off with the snowball method, this app will get everything organized and watch it for you. You can see the debt repayments that you must do to ensure to become free of debt. It also offers tips about debt reduction and debt strategies. The cost to use this app is $0.99.

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