5 Key Ways You Can Save Money On Your Vehicle Gas Bill

gas bill

There was a time, not so far off in the distant past, where people were paying $3.50 to $4 a gallon for their gas.
However, it appears that summer gas prices are hovering at their lowest levels seen in the last decade. Cheaper gas doesn’t always mean gas is “inexpensive” After all, you’re spending thousands of dollars on gas every year. Even a minute savings are a good thing for your budget.

Download A Smartphone App

People who use smartphones tend to be quite frugal with their money. They can find and download all kinds of apps, which include gas price apps. For instance. GasBuddy.com will help you find the lowest prices in the area. You may discover that the lowest price is closer to you than you realize. There’s also MapQuest Gas Prices and GasGuru.

Sign Up With A Warehouse Club

Warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco sell gas to their members and are often the lowest-priced around town. It makes sense for their consumers to purchase gas from them.

Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Many people visit the same gas station – perhaps it’s out of convenience or for another reason. If you fill up your tank at the same location often, consider getting a discounted gift card from the retailer.

Open Credit Card Account

This work again for folks who go to the same gas station all the time. If you are loyal to a station, consider applying for their credit card to give you savings on the gas prices.

Use Grocery Fuel Programs

There are a number of grocery stores that lure in shoppers with their fuel perks programs. Kroger, for instance, offers one such program. For every $1 customers spend, they get one fuel point. If you purchase contract cards, wireless phone cards or gift cards, you get two fuel points.

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