5 Ways You Can Purchase Back To School Items In A Hurry

shopping school season

Don’t panic if you have yet to get those school supplies. There are still so many deals and ways you can save money that you should consider taking advantage of.

Create Yourself A List

When you’re in a hurry, you may bypass the whole list step. But, if you are bypassing it, you could spend more money than you intentionally wanted to. Make sure you have a list, so you know what your child really needs. Don’t overspend and buy things you don’t need.

Look At Last Year’s Inventory

Go through the school supplies you had last year – you may not need to replace the durable items like backpacks, calculators and scissors. If you have it and can use it, scratch it off the list.

Online Shopping

You may think that with just a little time before the first school day, you can't get anything online and delivered before it. However, that’s not true. Consider buying online and going with in-store pickup. Make sure you utilize coupons and cash-back websites to find the best deals. And, if you have Amazon Prime, you can benefit from the website’s free two-day shipping.

Go With Generics

With back-to-school shopping season coming to an end, prices are starting to drop on generic stuff. If you have yet to buy your supplies, you could get some really good deals. But, you may not have the array of choices to pick from.

Trade Items In

You may not have a lot of time, but trade in your used technology and clothing. Trade in items you don’t need for cash or store credit. Many office supplies stores will allow ink cartridges, computers and printers to be returned for rewards to be used later on. If you have clothing that doesn’t fit, turn them into a consignment shop for a little extra money.

With these helpful hints, you can feel at ease that your child has everything he/she needs to make the start of the school year the best ever.

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