6 Websites College Students Can Turn To For Their Textbook Needs


Back to school season is in full swing, and for college students, the dreaded purchase is the textbook.

It doesn’t matter what a student’s major is or the university they go to, buying textbooks isn’t easy. There are millions of versions of the same textbook, CDs and information guide professors demand students to have. And, these books can be a bit pricey. Makes some folks wonder if the textbook publishers have a beef to pick with college students.

In times past, there was just the campus bookstore students turned to for their books. Today, they have the Internet with its plethora of sites for discount and resale textbooks. Of course, verifying the books condition and version isn’t all that easy, and here’s hoping the seller actually sends the book. Do they even accept exchanges and returns?

If a student isn’t careful, they could pay more money than they originally wanted.

Students don’t want to spend all their money on books, which is why the bargain websites have been developed. It allows them to get what they need and spend the money like they really want... however that may be.


Students can turn to Amazon.com to look through their discounted new and used textbooks, renting the instead of buying. And, if students are worried they won’t have the book before school starts, Amazon Prime will get those books to the student in two days.


Bookbyte is all about offering textbook deals. And, it’s Daily Dot readers always get an extra five percent off. All they need to do is use the DailyDot5 during the checkout process to get the good deal.


Students can save up to 90 percent off both used and new textbooks as well as e-books. They also offer an internship matching service if the student is not sure where to go.


If students just want to rent their books, Rentbooks can save them up to 95 percent on their college textbooks.


Textbooks.com offers an array of savings for new and used textbooks along with e-books. One such saving is the free returns within 30 days of the purchase should something change.


This website provides an array of deals on used books, CDs, DVDS, audiobooks and VHS. If the order is $10 or more and the buyer is from the U.S., there’s no charge for shipping.



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