FHA Mortgage Cut Indefinitely

Trump Suspends The FHA Mortgage Cut Indefinitely

One of President Trump’s first order of business was to indefinitely suspend the FHA mortgage insurance premium cut, which was set to be enforced Jan. 27.

Read more February 6, 2017
Dealing With Debt Collectors

4 Rights Consumers Have When It Comes To Dealing With Debt Collectors

According to a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report, one in four consumers said they felt threatened with debt collectors called them

Read more February 4, 2017
Spiral After Trump’s Tweets

Mexico’s Peso Still In Downward Spiral After Trump’s Tweets

Mexico’s battered currency took another beating Thursday after two President Donald Trump tweets.

Read more February 3, 2017
Chase Bank Offers Free-To-Use Credit Journey Program

Chase Bank Offers Free-To-Use Credit Journey Program

Chase Card Services recently announced it implemented a new website to assist U.S. consumers in understanding their credit score and make decisions that would help them in their financial journey.

Read more January 16, 2017
Income Tax Returns For 2017

Slight Delay For Income Tax Returns For 2017

Are you using credit cards to purchase Christmas gifts, thinking you can pay those bills off when you get your tax refund in January?

Read more December 19, 2016
Shopping With Credit Cards

Repercussions Of Holiday Shopping With Credit Cards

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, millions of shoppers will get their next surprise – a large credit card bill.

Read more December 2, 2016
Higher Late Penalty Fees On Your Credit Card

Higher Late Penalty Fees On Your Credit Card Could Be Coming Your Way In January

It could get even costlier to be late on your credit card payments. Federal rules will let credit card companies increase their late payment penalties beginning in January.

Read more December 1, 2016
Trump’s Student Loan Repayment Plan

Trump’s Student Loan Repayment Plan May Help Income-Based Repayment Borrowers

Should President-elect Donald Trump carries out some of his campaign promises, people who took federal student loans and have an income-based repayment plan may find themselves in a better deal.

Read more November 24, 2016
a new credit card

Read Credit Card Company’s Fine Print About Arbitration Process Before Agreeing To Terms

Before you agree to a new credit card, it’s important you review the fine print or hit the “Find” button to look for the word “arbitration.”

Read more November 16, 2016
Yamaha Motor Finance

Yamaha Motor Finance Company Offers Credit Card Program To Authorized Dealers

On Nov. 1, Yamaha Motor Finance Corp. will begin a credit card program to its authorized Yamaha dealers. This is the word from the company’s executive vice president and chief operating officer Jeff Young

Read more November 14, 2016
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