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Mortgage Lenders Have Strong Figures For June, But Market Still Bearish

Mortgage lenders have posted their strongest figures in eight years for the month of June. However, lenders also warn the housing marketing is on the verge of softening.

Read more July 22, 2016

Italy’s Finance Minister Blames Brexit Vote For Country’s Financial Woes

Italy’s finance minister, in an effort to repel attention away from himself, blame’s Britain’s Brexit vote for the horrible state of its country’s banks.

Read more July 20, 2016

Incoming Chancellor of Exchequer Says Economy Needs Stability After Brexit Vote

According to the Philip Hammond, the incoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, the U.K. Treasury will need to do what it can to restore consumer and business confidence. Confidence was shaken to its core when the county voted for Brexit.

Read more July 19, 2016

Some Pokémon Go Users Have Turned Kid-Friendly Game Into R-Rated App

It superimposes virtual creatures into the real world by using augmented reality and your device’s camera. In order for players to capture Pokémon, they need to get out and walk/drive their neighborhood.

Read more July 15, 2016

EU Outgoing Financial Services Chief Offers Proposes Decrease In Capital Charges For All Small Business Loans

A proposal the EU’s outgoing financial services chief has offered up with ensures all small business bank loans to be eligible for a decrease in capital charges. Capital charges are what banks hold against loans should a business default, and they were decreased in 2014 for smaller firms in efforts to bolster sluggish growth, but only for those loans up to 1.5 million euros.

Read more July 14, 2016
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