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Bank of England Does Reduce Interest Rates To Stabilize Economy After Brexit Vote

It’s been seven years since the Bank of England cut interest rates, but in response to the June 23 Brexit vote, the agency voted to cut interest rates. It will also bring back a broad stimulus program to keep the U.K economy from falling into a recession.

Read more August 5, 2016

Credit Cards with Chip Installed Still Not As Safe As Magnetic Strip Cards

Many banks have sent their customers new credit cards with the chip installed it in an effort to improve security. However, computer researchers have discovered a flaw in the upgrade to these cards in the U.S.

Read more August 5, 2016

Wal-Mart In Talks To Purchase Online Discount Retailer

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in an effort to compete with, is currently in talks with Inc., an online discount retailer. That’s according to sources close to the matter.

Read more August 4, 2016

5 Ways Your Wallet Is Taking A Huge Hit

Most people would recognize a significant amount of money being drained from their bank account, usually because a check bounced or they had a transaction declined.

Read more August 4, 2016

$65M in Bitcoin Money Stolen After Major Security Breach

Hackers have stolen $65 million in bitcoins after they attacked the major digital currency exchange – Bitfinex.

Read more August 4, 2016

Were Investors More Worried About Brexit Than Lehman Brothers’ Fallout

Britain’s individual investors were even more spooked by the Brexit than they were when the 2008 financial crisis occurred. That’s according to figures from the Investment Association.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using or Applying For Credit Cards

Millions of more Americans have credit cards today than in 2012 and, although this is the case, many of them are using the cards in a way that keeps them out of recurring debt.

Read more August 2, 2016

McDonald’s Will Alter Menu To Lure Customers Back

McDonald’s president Mike Andres said the company was significantly altering its menu to lure customers who have shied away from it due to its high-fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives food.

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Attorney Report Finds Mitsubishi Did Lie About Vehicle Mileage

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. asked a group of attorneys to look at claims of mileage cheating that involved the Japanese automaker. What they found is that the company had set unrealistic goals that employees couldn’t say no to.

Read more August 2, 2016

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu Not Saving Its Bottom Line

McDonald’s brought its all-day breakfast menu to the nation last year, and it was thought it would help boost the company’s sales.

Read more August 1, 2016
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