Financial News

Hastings Nationwide Is Closing After Filing For Bankruptcy

Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Group announced it would shutter all Hastings locations in the nation. Both companies had acquired the companies together during the July 20 bankruptcy auction

Read more August 1, 2016

How Students Can Reduce The Amount They Owe In Student Loans After Graduation

With higher universities’ fall semester about to start, students around the world are getting their financial aid information in order. For students who need loans, it’s extremely easy to take out more loan money than they need to cover tuition, fees and books.

Read more July 28, 2016

Nintendo Not As Financially Successful As Previously Thought

Early this month, there was a report that Nintendo’s share price had surged, making it an actual stock market fairy tale.

Read more July 28, 2016

Verizon Issues “Make Change or Los Service” Statement To Unlimited Data Users

Verizon, the nation’s number one cellular provider, has informed its unlimited data users – people who use hundreds and hundreds of gigs – that they need to make a choice of switching to one of its plans or lose the company’s service by Aug. 31.

Read more July 25, 2016

Kmart Employees Weigh In On Company’s Future

In the last 10 years, Kmart has closed down a third of its stores, and sales at stores have dropped by half. And, because of that, employees suspect the company is getting close to bankruptcy and closing all of its stores.

Read more July 25, 2016
tax holidays

Sales Tax Holidays Don’t Benefit Low-Income Families

Sales tax holidays are right around the corner and are a great way for consumers to save money and get the items they need for their children.

Read more July 24, 2016
credit card

Merchants and Consumers May Be On Financial Hook For Swiping Card With Chip

A new report shows that swiping that debit/credit card with the chip is not a good idea.

Read more July 24, 2016

MasterCard Looking To Break Into China’s Financial Market

MasterCard Inc. will apply to become one of China’s payment service providers after its government opened the market. However, the company is still deciding if it should go it alone or partner up.

Read more July 23, 2016

Amazon, Wells Fargo To Provide 0.5% Private Loan Discount To Student Prime Members

Amazon and Wells Fargo have teamed up to offer another customer incentive for folks who sign up for its Prime membership. Both partnerships will provide students with a 0.5 percent student loan interest rate discount to Student Prime program members – a program geared toward college students.

Read more July 22, 2016

Switzerland-Based Longbow Finance Takes Over Sauber Holding

Longbow Finance, an investment finance company in Switzerland, recently announced it had attained Sauber Holding, a company that owns and controls Sauber F1.

Read more July 22, 2016
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