Chase Bank Offers Free-To-Use Credit Journey Program

Chase Bank Offers Free-To-Use Credit Journey Program

Chase Branded Cards President Pam Codispoti said the new service is called Chase Credit Journey, and the goal of the website is to assist everybody to make financial decisions in a more confident way. She said knowing what a person’s score is is the first step in a positive financial future.

Codispoti said the new site offers consumers tips on how to improve their score – to attain their financial goals.


Some of the features people will see with Chase Credit Journey are:

  • Transunion-powered Vantage Score 3.0 – the information is based on the consumer’s credit report and is updated weekly
  • Review of their credit score – compared to other consumers’ scores
  • Score Simulator – lets consumers know what actions will affect their credit score
  • Complete rundown of credit balance, late payments and credit utilization
  • Graph pertaining to credit score history
  • Insight into the issues that go into the score

It’s a free service, no matter if they are or are not a Chase customer.

The bank’s move is at a time when it’s trying to make things a little easier for the consumer. The bank announced in November that its Chase customers would pay for their Starbucks and Best Buy purchases through Chase Pay (a digital payment service that works online, in stores and through the app). There are more than 7,500 Starbucks and nearly 1,400 Best Buy stores that participate in the Chase Pay app.

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