Credit Cards Facts – How to Apply for a Credit Card?


Credit cards are perfect for buying things without carrying cash. Credit cards are categorized according to your needs, benefits and the credit card issuer.

Credit cards are the easiest and the most convenient way to shop online and offline. You don’t have to carry cash and you can also spend money that you still don’t have. Most credit companies even allow borrowers to pay for their purchases on installment. So this means you can make a purchase and pay for this through their set installment terms.

It’s easy to apply for a credit card but it could be a challenge to find the best card that will fit your needs and lifestyle. You should first consider why you really want to get a credit card in the first place and of course learn about the different cards available. This will help match your needs with the best type of credit card.

Types of credit cards:

  • Low interest credit cards – this type of card provide low interest rates but may have hidden or additional fees and rates such as annual fees, ongoing rates, introductory fees and so on.

  • Balance transfer cards – this card allows you to consolidate other credit card balances, move balance from one card to the credit card and so on. Balance transfer fees and other fees may apply.

  • Cash-back credit cards – this is a type of card wherein you get a certain amount of money back into your account through purchasing specific products or services.

  • Rewards credit cards – you will get rewarded with points, cash-back offers or any special offer when you use a rewards credit card.

  • Points rewards cards – similar to a reward credit card, you get points when you use this card in participating outlets and businesses.

  • Travel and airline cards – you earn points by using this card to travel, to ride a plane, to book a hotel room and more.

  • Business credit cards – this is an exclusive card offered only for business owners, high-profile customers and more.

How to apply for a credit card?

  1. Choose the best credit card company that meets your needs and lifestyle. Once you’ve found the credit card issuer that’s right for you, review their products and learn about their rates.

  2. Fill out an application form usually found on the credit card company’s official site. Credit card companies may ask for additional information or documents so be sure to have these ready.

  3. Applications for a credit card are usually processed fast and approvals are notified by email, phone call or text. Once you are approved, you may simply wait for your card to arrive by mail. This may be delivered to your office or you may also opt to pick it up from a local branch office or bank.

  4. Questions about your account or how to use the card may be directed to customer service or by personally talking to a bank or lender representative by phone.

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