EpiPen Manufacturer To Offer Generic Version For Less Money

EpiPen Manufacturer

The generic life-saving allergy treatment would be identical to the name-brand in how the drug is created and how the auto-injector works. Mylan’s announcement is to settle down the pandemonium sparked from the company’s 400 percent increase in its EpiPen prices. The move is also competitive, as Teva Pharmaceuticals hopes to launch its own generic EpiPen next year.

According to Mylan, the generic version will launch in the next few weeks, and have a price tag of $300 per two-pack carton. Currently, the price for the brand-name EpiPen is $609. Mylan didn’t say if there would be any discounts offered on the generic EpiPen. And, it’s not understood why anyone would purchase the brand name when supposedly the generic will basically be the same.

The only thing the company responded with is that it was determined to offer both generic and brand name products so patients could work with healthcare providers to find out what option is best for them.

Mylan, feeling the pressure from angry politicians and parents, said it would offer immediate savings worth $300 for patients who must pay full price for the drug out of their wallets. But, it didn’t mention if there would be a price cut.

Public Citizen is a consumer rights group said it was strange for a drug company to provide a generic version of its brand name product, and that it could be a sign that something is not right. It argues that the company needs to roll back the outrageous price increase.

Once a Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Bernie Sanders said Mylan is making a PR move, not a discount.

According to Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan, the company understands people’s frustration with the EpiPen costs. She also tried to move the blame to the health care system saying, it was broken. She said the intricacy of the branded pharmaceutical supply chain enabled Mylan an option to sidestep the brand system for everybody’s best interest.

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