It May Be Time To Get A New Credit Card

Get A New Credit Card

According to a survey, the majority of people are not changing their credit, even though credit card companies are hoping consumers will get the latest offerings.

Matt Schulz with said 30 million have gone 10 years without changing the go-to-credit card. He said 20 million others have never changed their cards.

Kelli Grant, a CNBC consumer reporter, said if people haven’t been credit card shopping in the last few years, they could be missing some really good deals. Grant said the competition between each company has gotten to the point of better sign-up bonuses and rewards with a reduction in interest rates and fees.

She said there are many cards that have a 0% interest rate on balance transfers and purchases for up to two years. For those who want to stay with their credit card company, consumers can do a little comparison shopping and use the information to get a better rate on their account.

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