Samsung Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Note 7 Fiasco

Samsung Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Note 7 Fiasco

The complaint isn’t just about the smartphone batteries catching fire or exploding; it’s also centered on the reimbursement of their monthly wireless bills they had to pay despite being unable to use those phones.

Three original plaintiffs said when Samsung first made the replacement phones available until they officially made the recall, they were without their phones for several weeks. They said the company didn’t provide enough replacement phones either.

In the beginning, the majority of Note 7 users asked for a replacement instead of a refund or exchange on another phone model. And, it was these customers that found themselves with another phone they were unable to use since Samsung discovered the replacement phone batteries were also exploding and catching fire.

Last week, the company stopped production on the model and discontinued selling it.

While that’s pretty bad, the lawsuit alleges that former Note 7 users were still paying for service they were unable to use because of their wireless contracts. According to Richard McCune, the plaintiff’s attorney, Samsung agreed to recall and reimburse the device’s cost, but customers must still pay for the data and voice plans.

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