Some Pokémon Go Users Have Turned Kid-Friendly Game Into R-Rated App


It’s no real surprise that after Pokémon Go was officially released on July 7 that it went viral.

What is Pokémon Go?

It superimposes virtual creatures into the real world by using augmented reality and your device’s camera. In order for players to capture Pokémon, they need to get out and walk/drive their neighborhood.

Some users, however, decided to turn the kid-friendly game into something R-rated. For instance:

  • Some users have decided they want to share nude pictures of themselves with Pokémon illustrations overlaid in premeditated places.
  • In the middle of sexual activities that includes Pokémon in the frame.
  • People are taking photos of themselves completely clothed but with Pokémon, such as Diglett, in suggestive locations.

On Reddit, a niche community known as “Pokémon Go NSFW,” which is dedicated to users who want to post and upvote the unsuitable posts. Some screenshots are being tweeted on Twitter.

Pokémon Go has been loaded with controversy. Niantic, which is responsible for Pokémon Go, made emergency repairs to the app, as it was provided the company access to its players’ Gmail accounts.

Nintendo, which owns the Pokémon brand, said the free app has caused its stocks to soar – something the company needed since its long-awaited Wii U flopped badly with the public.

Neither Niantic nor Nintendo had anything to say about the R-rated problem with Pokémon Go.

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