AT&T Changes The Way It Provides Customer Data Plans


Starting this week, the company will provide customers with a simplified Mobile Shared Advantage plan. Instead of charging customers an average fee after they use their plan’s data, AT&T is set to throttle the information to 128kbps (2G) for the rest of the billing cycle. This means certain apps, video messaging, picture messaging, video streaming and podcasts are likely to be affected.

Customers do have the option to purchase extra gigabytes if they find the speed is too slow for them.

Right now, customers pay $15 for every gig they use after their monthly data plan.

And, even though the overage charges will no longer be in effect, customers will still pay the same amount but for less data with certain lower-end plans. For instance, customers who paid $30 a month for 2GB will now only get 1GB before their service is throttled. Here’s a look at the price plans:

  • 1 GB – $30

  • 3 GB – $40

  • 6 GB – $60

  • 10 GB – $80

  • 16 GB – $90

  • 25 GB – $110

  • 30 GB – $135

An additional $10 to $40 will be charged for access on each device. People who have at least the 10GB plan are now able to text and talk to Canada and Mexico for as long as they want. It also comes with a free plan usage in Mexico – no roaming charges included.

Verizon introduced its own “Safety Mode” plan to deal with overdraft fees after people met their monthly data plan allotment.

T-Mobile has no overage charges but will stop all data once used. It provided its customers with free data to play the Pokémon Go mobile app.

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