Verizon Issues “Make Change or Los Service” Statement To Unlimited Data Users


Verizon, the nation’s number one cellular provider, has informed its unlimited data users – people who use hundreds and hundreds of gigs – that they need to make a choice of switching to one of its plans or lose the company’s service by Aug. 31.

According to the statement, over 100 million Americans use the network the stay connected with other folks – family, friends, and co-workers – and to attain the information they get. The network is a shared resource, and the company needs to make sure all customers get the great mobile experience.

Verizon said no more than one percent of its customers are still using the unlimited data plan, and a minute amount of them, who are subjected to the change, use an excessive amount of information.

Verizon’s highest offered data plan is 100GB, which can be shared by multiple users and a cost of $450 per month. The plan also offers both unlimited talk and text. The company said it notified the affected users – ones who use a lot more than 100GB – about the issue via letters and statements.

Verizon quit offering the unlimited data back in 2011 – customers who had the unlimited service were grandfathered in, and still have no made a switch to one of its limited data plans.

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