Wal-Mart Gets Surprising Monetary Return For LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie

sweet potato pie

The sweet potato pie first hit the market in August 2015, but its success didn’t resonate until after YouTube star James Wright Chanel’s video about it went viral. He said people should try Patti’s sweet potato pie from Wal-Mart immediately.

The video, which was released in November, ensured that LaBelle’s sweet potato pie sold out quickly.

John Forrest Ales, a spokesman for Wal-Mart, said the company was selling one pie per second after the video went viral. He said Chanel’s video was posted, causing them to sell out quickly and forcing the company to order millions more.

And, according to Ales, it’s not just a Thanksgiving thing. He said, even after the holidays had passed, the pies were still selling out. Wal-Mart has been offering them year round despite that fact it was supposed to be a seasonal item.

Ales said it’s now August and people are still buying the pie.

LaBelle fans should get ready for sticker shock. The sweet potato pie is $3.98. The apple pecan cake will cost nearly $10 while the cobblers are $6.98.

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