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Information About Cashwell Loans

CashWell Loans offer secure and easy installment loans that have the shortest approval process. Customers simply visit CashWell’s online site, fill out a form and wait for the approval email which usually takes just 60 seconds or less. Loan rates are clear and fair with absolutely no hidden fees.

These are paid using flexible payments of over 12 months in equal-sized installments. CashWell Loans have a maximum interest rate of 360% which is shown on the loan document as the APR or Annual Percentage Rate. The company does not discriminate when it comes to applications; anyone can apply for a payday loan and approvals are not based on a person’s credit history but is actually based on his ability to pay off the loan such as his employment record and an active checking account.

There is no need to visit an actual location when applying for a loan; customers only have to visit their official site and send an application. CashWell partners with other financial companies to provide better financial services and products to help their customers more. Their customer representatives will be able to provide financial advice should customers are still undecided on what type of loan to get.

For more information about their products, services, rates and terms, customers should call CashWell customer service. CashWell’s official site may be accessed through a PC, smartphone or tablet device for utmost convenience.

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Carlos, Columbia, South Carolina

CashWell Loans is a lending company that was able to help me get an installment loans online. Their approval process takes as fast as a minute to happen and I was able to get my cash right away. Unlike other companies that ask for credit backgrounds, CashWell did not require credit checks at all. I was amazed there were no hidden fees and rates are fair. Carlos - Columbia, SC
19 August 2016, 11:21
Receive up to $3000 direct to your account, in as soon as the next business day