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Information About White Hills Cash

White Hills Cash is a tribal lending firm that provides flex-pay loans to customers within its territory. Their popular loan product offers a minimum initial amount of $100 with a maximum loan amount of $300 for first-time borrowers. The maximum loan amount will be $1,000.

Customers don’t need to visit an actual branch or location since everything is done online. There are no long waits since approvals are done on the same day. Those who wish to borrow from White Hills Cash should visit their official site, fill out an application form which could take at least 5 minutes to complete and submit this ASAP.

Money is deposited on the borrower’s account on the same day so that cash could be used for any financial need as soon as possible. Money borrowed from White Hills Cash is intended for short term financial needs. Customers who need money to finance a long term obligation should look for loans elsewhere. It is natural for borrowers to be wary of loans during their first time to borrow money from White Hills Cash and so they are encouraged to contact customer service to learn about their options and to find out more about their rates, terms and services.

For more information about White Hills Cash, customers should check out their official site or call 1 – 800 – 986 – 1962.

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